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To strive to be an agile courier company by giving customers optimum service and technology without having to go through a price comparison or service evaluation, saving customers time and the inconvenience of having to go through a courier market research.

To achieve high standard in the Industry & get recognised through total commitment to quality in customer service, people, communication and development of systems and maintain growth and profitability.

Confidence, Sense of Urgency, Attitude, Appearance, Team Environment, Sense of Humour.

With regularly investing in technology and system, SKZ Logistics is trying to save time for their customer by making repetitive tasks easier online.

We have our presence around the globe. Our agents are working in USA, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Yes, however you will only receive a collection at your normal collection time Monday to Friday. Collections outside these times can be made but additional charges may apply.

No, Please continue to call our customer service department as usual, as this will enable us to pre-book your courier.

At least 1 hour prior to your normal collection time.

Please call our customer service department who will be able to let you know if the courier can wait or return later to collect your shipment.

You can submit any number of bookings prior to the courier collecting from you, however if the courier has already collected call customer services we may be able to arrange another collection. (Additional surcharge may apply).

Yes, Please print your AWB and fax your instructions to our customer service department so they can make the necessary arrangements for your urgent shipment.

YA pro-forma invoice is used for a shipment where no commercial transaction has taken place and the invoice is being used only to declare a value to customs. A commercial invoice is used if the goods are being sold to and end-user.

You require invoices for all dutiable / non-document items for all destinations outside the EU in triplicate.

Yes, Air shipments are calculated on 6:1 (6000) (This is likely to change to 5000 as per Iata regulations. Date to be advised.) Road shipments are calculated on 3.1 (3000)

Yes, the following are not acceptable. Animals, Bullion, Currency, Drugs, Narcotics, Firearms, Ammunition, Human remains, Pornography. Other local restrictions may apply.

Yes, all fragile goods must be packed adequately to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling. If unsure please contact our sales department before shipping.

The main reason why you will see the “Airway bill not found” message is that the shipment has not been received at the London Heathrow depot. This could be the case if the shipment has recently been collected.

A courier shipment is generally a small package under 30 kilos in weight, which needs to be delivered in the quickest possible time. A Freight shipment would normally be over 30kilos in weight and would not be as time sensitive however this is not always the case. If unsure Please contact our Sales department for clarification.