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Tips to Ensure an Easy International Shipping

For international shipping, follow these three tips to ensure that you can reduce your costs and risks.

  1. Research on the Courier or Shipping Company : Treat your shipping company as a shipping partner. While there are many vendors available in the market, only the right shipping partner can help match your preferences and urgency of shipment. Your shipment provider should be able to offer first class international shipping, priority international mail, express international mail, and so on. Each of these shipment options is meant for specific cases and ensure quick delivery of international mail. Therefore, research is necessary before you choose your shipping partner.

  1. Lookout for Restricted Products : International shipping comes under the purview of restricted products. That means some countries will impose restrictions on the materials shipped in. Some common products which are on the international list of restricted items include the following: aerosols, cigarettes, gasoline, explosives, poison, pool chemicals, perfumes containing alcohol, nail polish, dry ice, alcoholic beverages, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. So before sending an international parcel or package, make sure to check which items are restricted in the country. Shipping to Some Countries can be Easier That’s true! Again, going through the international e-commerce rules and regulations can help you understand that sending an international shipment to some countries is easier than others. So if you are a business trying to expand, look for countries where it is easier to ship, start there, and then grow to other countries.

  1. Shipping Taxes, Duties, and Tariffs : You should know that shipping taxes vary in different countries and therefore require different declaration forms. You should do some good research to find out which declarations are applicable to you. The declaration form is a list of items that you are shipping with the package. There may be an import VAT applicable, in addition to excise duty (transport charges and value of goods), and a customs duty. Also note that as a sender, you are required to check the shipping regulations before sending the package to the buyer. So it is essential that you should find the right shipping partner who can guide you and ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits from international shipping.

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